Home Improvements

Owning a home is a love/hate relationship. Sure having your own space, being able to turn up your music as loud as you want, and not wasting money on rent are great things, but wow does it suck up your time. I've spent the past few weeks doing some spring cleaning, adding on some improvements (with the help of my awesome dad), fixing one thing after the other, and cleaning up the lawn. It's always my reward after to take some awesome pictures of my hard work!


Framing is up!

Making a total mess all over the yard

All done!

You wish you had a dad cool enough to help you turn your kitchen into a nightclub!

Electroluminescent Liquor Cabinet!

Finally filled up the hole in my front yard with a little fountain!

Alright thats all for now! Big thanks to DG Fence and Deck, my father, sister, lowes, and Jesus!