New Logo... The Unveiling

So I've been working on a little secret project the past few months. No, nothing with the Chinese government, or even the US government. I've been working on something much, much more important. Revamping my brand. From top to bottom.

Why do that Josh? Obviously your current stuff looks good enough and works well. Why mess up what you already have? - Trust me I said these same things to myself many times over the past year or so. Most people are afraid of change. It's unknown right? Bad things could happen! But you know what, in most of the big changes and risks I've taken, things have worked out even better than I could have imagined.

So what will actually change? Well, a lot. New website. New fonts. New business cards. New signs. New other stuff.

But first off, (and the reason your probably reading this post) I've worked with my design company to come up with a totally new logo and I'm super excited to show it off. And nope I'm not going to make you wait until next week to see it. It's just a scroll away.


Are you ready?

Almost there...


J. Jones Photography - New Logo

Pretty sexy right? It's really grown on me over the past few weeks. A little bit of classy meets modern but also timeless.

Also looks good all dressed up in an black evening gown:

J. Jones Photography - New Logo

Even looks pretty awesome as a watermark:

J. Jones Photography - New Logo

So yup, things are going to start looking a little bit different around here in the coming months. So please excuse any construction noises, inconsistent branding, and sawdust.

So what do you think about the new logo? Love it? Hate it? Miss the old one that I made myself 6 years ago? Drop me a comment in the box below!