Introducing our all new Wedding Photography Website & Blog

This post is very exciting, and also a bit sad. First the exciting stuff: We have officially launched our all new wedding photography website! After working hard over the last 10 months with the very talented team at Showcase Marketing here in Greenville, we've turned a dream into reality. The site is all new from the ground up and includes an integrated blog, new galleries, an awesome featured wedding venues section for Greenville, SC and beyond, a pretty indepth information and Q&A section, an updated about us section, and a few other surprises along the way. You definitely owe it to yourself to check it out!

Checkout our all new website here:

That brings me to the semi-sad part. Yup... this blog will become a bit of history. Don't worry, it won't be going anywhere for the short term, but I am going to have to let the cobwebs start collecting here as I'll be posting everything new over on our new blog. Using an RSS feed reader to stay updated with this site? Don't worry, our new blog has one too... just use this link:

Like what you see here? Follow all our latest work at:

Anyways I really wanted to thank everyone who has been following this blog from the very beginning. It's been so exciting to watch it grow from over 4 years ago when I was lucky to have 10 people visit the site a week to now having 1000s each week! I really hope everyone can continue to follow along at our new blog. I'll see ya over there!