Beer Can Chicken

I made the juiciest chicken ever yesterday! Not only was it juicy and full of flavor, it was probably the most entertaining time I've had cooking on a grill. In case you haven't heard of Beer Can Chicken before here is the quick 10 second explanation: basically you take a whole chicken, season it to taste, crack open a beer, drink half of it, and insert the rest into the chicken, cook over med-high heat for about an hour. But the photos tell it way better:

Beer can chicken
It all starts with one whole chicken

Beer can chicken greenville sc
Get your beer out and take a few gulps while you season the bird

How to make beer can chicken
Turn your grill on med-high and slide beer into chicken

Beer can chicken problems
It should look like this. Use the legs to help stabilize (think tripod)

Beer can chicken margaritas
Go make margarita's (optional)

Beer can chicken problems
You may have a bird that has some excess gas problems, to prevent an overly burnt chicken make sure you turn the burner that is directly under the chicken OFF

Beer can chicken photos
The beer will boil on the inside of the chicken, keeping the insides from drying out

Beer can chicken picture
Cook for 1 hour, it should look like this when done

Beer can chicken is a meal you can serve to even your most distinguished guests

Just look at those juices!


Highly recommended if you get the chance!